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Carol Kessler – A Appreciate Lesson

Carol Kessler was a educator, a crazy mother, a cherished friend and the person many able to show me about love, respect and patient about others. She touched my personal heart very often with her kind terms and her caring. I am certain that you have heard of her, but just would not know just who she was until I stumbled upon her obituary. Ms. Jean Kessler was obviously a teacher of reading and was productive in many community organizations.

Sixth is v. CAROL KESSLER, age fifth 89, died upon Wednesday, November 6, 2021. She was born in Lancaster, OH towards the late Leroy H. & Vivian C. Zimmerman. With this day Jean served as a member of the panel of directors in the Alzheimer Society. Her various contributions for the society are evidenced in various articles she wrote. Among them are “A Party of Everyday Losses” and “A Year of Love”.

She’s survived by simply her three children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This kind of can be described as painful time for all her family and friends. All of us extend our thoughts and prayers on her beloved family. Her legacy will live on through her many books, winning headings such as “A Year of Love” and “A Party of Everyday Losses”.

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